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“As long as the medical institutions use the same digital credential vendor across networks for authentication and authorization, there are no issues. However, if one medical institution selects ‘Verizon’ and another selects ‘AT&T’ (or one of the hundreds of credential providers), their digital credential authentication solutions will not interoperate.”

OR Tech Systems Inc. (formerly known as OR Tech Systems, LLC) is a software development company operating within the niche healthcare application industry. We recognize that in the electronic data interchange environment where interoperability and the sharing of information is needed, there is not “one” vendor centric solution, but a multitude of disparate and legacy systems with differing regional practices impeding progress towards the true dissemination of critical medical information.

Our simple prototype ready solution titled “OR Medical Application Platform” (here on stated as ORMAP) is an open source middleware plug-in application that facilitates the processing of digital credentials from multiple vendors.